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Tulsa homeowner catches contractor making homophobic slurs on camera

Tulsa city officials are apologizing today for homophobic insults directed at a local homeowner. 

The words came from a man who was working for the city’s water department as a contractor. The man has been fired. 

His insults were caught on the homeowner, Bobby Elder’s, security camera. 

“I’ve lived in Broken Arrow, Tulsa almost my whole life. I recently moved to this house about three years ago,” Elder said, “Never had a problem.”

For Bobby Elder, that all changed last Friday when a man working on the water main outside his home came to the door. 

“I’m used to them working out there and always been very friendly in passing,” Elder said, “So I was really shocked by what I heard on Friday.”

Elder’s partner answered the door and was told the water would be shut off to fix the main, but it’s what he heard after the door was

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