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Wisconsin Residents React to Damage Caused to Homes and Businesses In Wauwatosa During Chaotic Night

WAUWATOSA, Wisc. — A caravan of Black Lives Matter protesters had made it about 6 miles from Milwaukee to Wauwatosa Wednesday evening before being stopped by police in riot gear. Rioters in the crowd began to throw projectiles at the police line, prompting officers to deploy tear gas and pepper balls.

It was a scene that has been played out, too often, in American cities since late May, except this time it was not taking place in the downtown area of a major city. It was happening in residential neighborhoods. The protests were sparked after Wauwatosa officer Joseph Mensah was not charged in a shooting that led to the death of 17-year-old Alvin Cole. Cole was killed on February 2 when he opened fire on officers.

Prior to the confrontation, some in the BLM crowd had smashed windows or threw large rocks through windows of businesses along their path. Businesses

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COA demands blacklisting contractors who caused delay of BFP’s modernization program

The Commission on Audit has demanded the blacklisting of contractors who have caused the continued delay in the implementation of the Bureau of Fire Protection’s modernization program that guarantees the establishment of one operational fire station in every municipality and city in the country.

COA revealed in its 2019 BFP annual audit report that was released days ago that 170 fire stations remained unfinished in 2019, or have been abandoned by the contractor due to various reasons.

In the same audit report submitted to BFP Director Jose S. Embang Jr.,  COA Director Michael R. Bacani also revealed that the firefighting agency has transferred P4.309 billion to two procurement service agencies of the government for the purchase of supplies, materials and equipment and to finance various infrastructure projects.

Despite receiving the allocation from the BFP, the Procurement Service of the Department  of Budget and Management and the Philippine International Trading Corporation

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A Home Inspection Checks For Problems Caused by Fire and Remodeling

Any time you have a home inspected, your inspector will look at the structures and systems that make the house what it is. Naturally, he’ll look at the wood structures, like floors, walls, doors and windows.

There are four things that can cause wood structure problems. They are: 1) Deflection and warping, 2) Fungal and insect attack, 3) Fire, and 4) Connection failure and improper alteration. In this article we’ll look at fire damage and improper alteration.

Accidents happen, as we all know. A cooking fire in the kitchen may damage the area by the stove, or an electrical short may cause a small fire confined to a specific area in a basement or other room. A lightning strike might char the walls where the TV, computer, or other electronics are kept. Damage from such contained fires may be repaired, but they can be cause for concern for a prospective … Read More