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All Cedar Is Not Created Equal

For Mr. and Mrs. Anybody out there, the difference in cedar species is probably not one of their more vital concerns, but in talking to literally thousands of callers through the years about log siding, its clear most people think cedar is cedar. To help dispel that notion and clarify what advantages one type of cedar has over another, the following is offered.

All the cedars are classified as softwoods; all are durable and have a pleasant fragrance, but that is where the similarity ends. The wood from the various cedars differ from each other in color, density (insulating value), hardness of the wood, weight, strength, lengths manufactured and grades of lumber available.

Due to cedar’s natural resistance to decay and insects, it has long been the wood of choice for outdoor applications. To illustrate a point, totem poles, carved from Western Red Cedar; some standing after a thousand years, … Read More

DIY Home Exterior Cedar Look Renovations Considered

Cedar siding installation is not easy, but when it’s done, wow does it look good, perhaps better than any other type of siding. Oh sure, you can buy imitation cedar shingle siding or cedar shake vinyl siding fakes, but there is truly nothing like the real thing, especially when you are up close and personal. You can smell the cedar, feel it, and you can experience it, much different than the non-organic imitation plastic vinyl cedar shake facades. Even steel siding or aluminum siding made to mimic a cedar siding home is suspect as you get up close.

A true cedar shingle siding or cedar shake installation lets your visitors know you are the real deal, that your home is as authentic as you are. And they can feel the difference. It often takes a real craftsman to do a cedar shake installation or install cedar shingle sidings. However, if … Read More