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The very best luxury ceiling ideas to give your home the wow factor

When it comes to the art of interior design, many people often overlook the significance and effectiveness of their ceiling in creating a unique and stylish space. Of course, furniture, décor and walls are usually the first aspects people focus on with their interiors, but your ceiling may actually prove to be your very own secret weapon when it comes to adding a luxurious finish to any room.

We are beginning to see more and more luxury ceiling trends begin to emerge in the world of interior design and the experts at Ornadec, one of the best plasterers in Edinburgh, have picked out their top luxury ceiling ideas to watch out for.


Need we mention the Sistine Chapel? Ceiling murals have been used throughout history as a way of combing the imagery and visual beauty of art, with the elegance and sophistication of interiors. Not only would a spectacular

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Benefits of Installing a Bathroom Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are one of the older forms of electrical technologies. These fans have been around for more than a hundred years now, and had been invented years back when the industrial workers slogged hard at work and felt a desire for taking cool rests. Ceiling fans then used to circulate air, and that is what it keeps doing till today.

The bathroom is one of the places where one wants to relax and be comfortable. In fact some of us believe in planning our whole days in the bathroom. No matter what, a bathroom is one of the most important places in your house. And for a comfortable bathroom with a good degree of air circulation and ventilation, a bathroom ceiling fan is invaluable.

There are a number of benefits that you enjoy by installing a bathroom exhaust fan. The primary benefits are listed below.

  • Air circulation and ventilation:
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7 Popcorn Ceiling Removal Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Popcorn ceiling removal is very common these days. So is getting ripped off and scammed by your contractor. There are many good contractors doing great work, but there are also many scam artists and fly by night companies who are only looking to rip you off. Since real estate values across the nation have been depressed, many homeowners are choosing to update their existing home by easy and inexpensive interior renovations like popcorn removal.

Home owners need to ask their popcorn ceiling removal contractor these 7 questions before they hire them for the job. Removing popcorn ceilings is very common these days as many home owners are updating their existing homes. Popcorn ceilings are outdated and many home owners prefer knockdown texture over popcorn. Knockdown texture just looks better and there is a great return on investment because popcorn removal is an affordable improvement which may add incremental value to … Read More