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Tag: Centenarians

Celebrate Centenarians! These 9 Homes Built in 1920 Are Available for Sale

Born at the dawn of the Roaring ’20s, these nine homes have seen a lot in the past 100 years: boom and bust markets, war and peace, and immense social upheaval.

Lucky for us, these old houses—all built in 1920—have weathered it all and are still standing today. Inspiring, right? Many of them are looking better than ever, and all are available for sale right now.

No matter their locale, these century-old houses share vintage touches like hardwood floors, friendly front porches, and fireplaces for warmth. Beyond that, these well-aged abodes have adapted to reflect the world springing up around them. Some of these places have been spruced up with upgrades like wine cellars, modern kitchens, and bathrooms with custom tile.

These nine places show age really is nothing but a number. Now join us on a journey back in time as we visit these century-old homes.

Price: $139,900

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