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How Does Crane Siding Differ From CertainTeed Siding

Do you want to know the differences between crane siding and certainteed siding? Let this article guide you in knowing the basic, most important differences between the two.

Crane and CertainTeed are two different siding manufacturing companies. Crane is based in Houston, Texas while CertainTeed originated from Pennsylvania, USA. Both companies offer vynal siding products but they differ on the kinds of products they offer. The most important differences in product offering include:

• Crane offers vinyl siding only while CertainTeed offers vinyl, polymer shakes and fiber cement. Vinyl siding are polymer based and they beautifully mimic the appearance and sometimes, the texture of natural wood.

• Crane offers ordinary siding while CertainTeed offers both ordinary and seamless sidings. As the words imply, the important difference between the seamed and seamless siding is in the appearance of folds (seen in the seamed type) along the connecting points or overlaps. The … Read More