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The priciest and cheapest homes in Pasadena

With 16 historical districts in 23 square miles, Pasadena boasts one of the densest concentrations of noteworthy homes in L.A. County. Properties such as the Gamble House, a Craftsman masterpiece, and the famed Chandler Estate draw the majority of the attention, but with a median home price of about $877,000, the city also provides cheaper options than many areas on the Westside.

a large brick building with green grass in front of a house: Left, a high of $39.8 million. Right, a low of $550,000. (Realtor.com)

© Provided by The LA Times
Left, a high of $39.8 million. Right, a low of $550,000. (Realtor.com)

Here’s a look at the highest- and lowest-priced homes in Pasadena, plus a sample of what you can get for the median price, the point at which half the homes cost more and half cost less.

a group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a building: 1288 S. Oakland Ave., Pasadena (Realtor.com)

© (Realtor.com)
1288 S. Oakland Ave., Pasadena (Realtor.com)

High: As dramatic a property as you’ll see in Pasadena, this nearly five-acre estate features grounds that rival the city’s famous gardens. Expansive lawns, topiary sculptures,

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