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Ring video drone checks homes for intruders or left-on lights

Amazon’s Ring has announced a new home security camera that can let you virtually walk through your house when you’re not home. The Ring Always Home Cam is mounted on a drone of sorts that can fly a preset path to check for intruders, open windows or left-on ovens. But of course, it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

What started as a simple video doorbell a few years ago has spiraled out of control into a full-blown home security empire for Amazon. There are Ring cameras for indoors and outdoors, peepholes, alarm systems, even panic buttons. But no matter how many cameras you have watching your house and yard, you’re always going to miss a spot.

To fill in that gap, Ring has now unveiled the Always Home Cam. It’s a dumb name for a smart idea – basically it’s a camera mounted to a small drone, which

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A Home Inspection Checks For Problems Caused by Fire and Remodeling

Any time you have a home inspected, your inspector will look at the structures and systems that make the house what it is. Naturally, he’ll look at the wood structures, like floors, walls, doors and windows.

There are four things that can cause wood structure problems. They are: 1) Deflection and warping, 2) Fungal and insect attack, 3) Fire, and 4) Connection failure and improper alteration. In this article we’ll look at fire damage and improper alteration.

Accidents happen, as we all know. A cooking fire in the kitchen may damage the area by the stove, or an electrical short may cause a small fire confined to a specific area in a basement or other room. A lightning strike might char the walls where the TV, computer, or other electronics are kept. Damage from such contained fires may be repaired, but they can be cause for concern for a prospective … Read More