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Potential Renovation Of Cherokee High Discussed By School Leaders

CANTON, GA — During its pre-meeting strategic work session on Thursday evening, Cherokee County School Board members reviewed student enrollment and school capacity reports from the 20th-day of school, when enrollment typically peaks, as well as projected enrollment growth.

While Superintendent Brian Hightower describes this school year as an “anomaly” for enrollment and facility usage levels given the pandemic and the operation of both in-person and digital learning models, the trend in steady to slower enrollment growth is expected to continue.

This is a contrast to the explosive growth experienced by the school district prior to the Great Recession, which led to a housing boom and a school construction boom, the mortgage for which still is being retired through a portion of Education SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax). The five-year sales tax is up for renewal in 2021, and Hightower said Thursday that, in addition to a focus

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