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Renovation will help protect Springdale firefighters at Station No. 4

SPRINGDALE — The City Council has answered the call to protect the firefighters in the Fire Department.

The council on Tuesday night unanimously approved a $7,800 contract with Crafton Tull for architectural services to renovate Fire Station No. 4 on Elm Springs Road.

“We’re trying to help with the decontamination of our individuals,” Fire Chief Mike Irwin told the council. “And that’s become very different with our pandemic calls.”

Even without the threat of covid-19, firefighters’ exposure to smoke and burning of hazardous chemicals at fire sites and even the diesel fumes from engines and ambulances has been linked to cancer, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

The renovated space at Station No. 4 will include showers, washing machines and a new weight room to help protect its firefighters and get them ready more quickly for the next call, Irwin said.

“This will help improve response times for our

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I moved into my in-laws’ home. My husband wants to pay his parents’ mortgage, but it will come out of my income. How can I protect myself?

Dear Moneyist,

I got married recently and moved into my husband’s house that he shares with his parents. (His name and his parents’ name are on the deed.) Currently, we pay a small amount for rent, but my husband hopes to take on the mortgage of the house over the next couple of years. I am the breadwinner, and so the majority (or even all) of the money that would go towards the mortgage would be coming from me.

Before fully committing to this, are there any precautions I need to take? Or what are the risks I could be facing? I am worried about what would happen if I end up paying off their home, and they want to sell it or my in-laws pass away, or if they decide to give their share of the house to my husband’s sister, or if my husband and I separate (which

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Protect Your Investment – Build a Custom RV Garage

After investing thousands of dollars in the recreational vehicle of your dreams, what better way to protect your investment than with an RV garage? If you own a recreational vehicle, you already know that most RV’s are too tall and long to fit in a standard garage.

Most homes do not come standard equipped with RV garages. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma. You can have a custom RV garage built or you can purchase a prefabricated RV garage that you can assemble yourself on your property.

Prefabricated garages are made from materials such as steel, vinyl siding, cedar, or other wood siding. Lighter weight aluminum RV garages are also available, but are less likely to endure extreme weather conditions like more durable materials will.

Purchasing a custom designed RV garage enables it to be built to your specific needs as well as allows it to be built … Read More

Protect Your Home and Family With a High Wind Garage Door

Many people have no idea that their home is at risk because of a faulty designed or poorly installed garage door. Hundreds of homes are destroyed each year by extreme weather events including hurricanes, tornadoes and strong straight line winds. The single most common cause is the loss of structural integrity when the garage door fails allowing winds to enter the structure. Once strong winds enter through the garage door opening it is just a very short time before the home loses its roof. Once a structure loses its roof it will be quickly destroyed.

While watching the Weather Channel one evening Weatherman Jim Cantori was standing in front of a home whose garage door had failed. He correctly stated that when you lose your garage door your roof is next and the home is doomed to be destroyed. After Hurricane Charlie struck Port Charlotte Florida it was very apparent … Read More

Is Waterproofing Paint a Good Idea to Protect Your Home From Water Seepage?

As a homeowner, you must have realized the fact that water seepage and moisture problems are common. But, what is the remedy for it? Usually, homeowners opt for waterproofing paint, the most common remedy for the problem of water seepage.

Why Homeowners consider Waterproofing Paint as the Go-To Option for Waterproofing a Property?

· Most home-improvement stores sell a variety of waterproofing paints. Convenience in locating the product has made it the number one waterproofing choice of homeowners.

· If you are interested in solving the problem of water seepage on your own, it is considered as the best DIY solution.

· It is easy to use and available at cheap rates.

· It allows you to avoid the cost of expensive solutions provided by waterproofing contractors.

· It is useful in eliminating fungal smells by sealing the surface of the walls.

· It locks the moisture to prevent dampness.… Read More