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DIY or Pay a Pro? What to Know About the Cost of Protecting Your Home This Fall

Fall is here, and while we’re all busy guzzling pumpkin lattes and buying sweaters, homeowners need to figure out what to do about all the leaves falling in their yards — and onto their roofs and gutters.

a man standing in front of a brick building: Gutter-Guards-DIY-Pay-Install

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As we’re previously pointed out, if you own a home and live in a spot where leaves and debris can accumulate in your gutters, you may want to invest in gutter guards. These guards help prevent your gutters from getting clogged by leaves — a situation that can cause problems for your roof, drainage, and the gutters themselves.

Keep in mind that even after you’ve installed gutter guards, you’re still going to need to give your gutters a cleaning about once a year according to Eamon Lynch, director of warranty service at the Philadelphia-based Power Home Remodeling. Why? Just to make sure that no bits of debris

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Fabrics For Displaying and Protecting Collectibles

Various kinds of cloth can be used to easily high-light your collectibles and -if you use the right stuff- provide a safe and acid-free environment for your most valuable collectibles. I know this is a strange subject for wood-worker to write about,but it turns out that fabric stores have a lot to offer, and are not altogether scary places. Setting your proud collectible item down on an elegant cloth background -or nestling it into a nice fabric pocket- is an easy way to both protect the item from shock -think padding- and an even easier way to make the transition from an ordinary drawer or shelf, into a custom display. To paraphrase -fabric is good padding, and it turns out that it is as important to finishing fine woodwork as paint and varnish -and- -I’m beginning to learn- sometimes easier to use then the stuff that comes out of a … Read More