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Homes in Oaxaca, Mexico: "Why Are So Many Houses Unfinished?"

I’m asked the question at least once a month: Why are there so many houses in Oaxaca started and apparently not finished? It’s one of the most remarkable sights in this southern Mexico colonial city, as well as in the towns on its outskirts and further beyond. The phenomenon is clearly visible while traversing connecting highways throughout the central valleys.

The brickwork on homes is completed, but there are no panes on the windows, and it otherwise appears obvious that no one is living in these cash cows, edifices which have obviously had a considerable amount invested in them. And even if the homes are finished, and inhabited, the rebar still extends skyward from the roofs. Why is it left there, an eyesore by western standards?

It is a fallacy that leaving the reinforced steel bars intact on the top of your roof signifies that your home is not finished … Read More