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James Hardie Siding Ranks As a World Leader

There is a 120-year-old Australian company that leads the world in the manufacture of fiber-based cement. The James Hardie Inc. company was founded in Melbourne in 1888. Today, the company has a worldwide prescience with plants located in the United States, Philippines, New Zealand as well as Australia.

Wide Range of Fiber Cement Products

Specializing in fiber cement for more than a century, Hardie presents a wide array of products including mold, bug, flame, moisture and more impact products for house construction. These fiber cement products include soffit, trim, flashing and siding. The company’s siding product is most popular and highly sought after and used by housing contractors worldwide.

Proprietary Formula

James Hardie board siding products are made from a proprietary formula. It consists of a blend of Portland cement, wood fiber and water and sand. The formula provides exacting durability that makes the product last a lifetime. This product … Read More