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Get Your VA Contractor License In Less Time, With Less Stress – Know the DPOR Regulation Changes

If you obtained your license years ago, even within just the last few years, you’ll find that the regulations to obtain a license are now dramatically different.

Key Recommendations

As we start, two of the most important recommendations that we make to contractor license candidates are these: (1) When you first get your contractor license for Virginia, get the highest class of license with the largest specialty designation possible for your situation. (2) Maintain your license and do not change it nor let it expire.

Why? The reason is simple: Once you have your license, all you have to do is renew the license on time. For the most part, you are automatically ‘grandfathered in’ regarding any regulation changes. When there’s a regulation change, it doesn’t apply to you. However, if your license expires or you do anything to modify it (i.e.- upgrading from a Class C or Class B … Read More