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The future of rideshare is a remote control rental car

In rideshare, the single largest cost per trip is the driver. It turns out the vast majority of trips have a second driver in every car: a rider with a license.

Imagine a future in which a rental car is as convenient as an Uber at half the price. More specifically, imagine an on-demand, door-to-door rental car (let’s call it an ODDcar for short).

Here’s how it would work:

  1. You hail a car just as you would an Uber or a Lyft
  2. Within minutes, an empty car pulls up to you curbside
  3. Instead of getting into the backseat, you take the wheel
  4. You drive yourself directly to your destination
  5. The empty car departs

How do you get the empty car to and from the rider? Full autonomy will of course answer that question but in a decade or more. In the meantime, we’ll need to rely on remote control —

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Closets by Design helping families with ideas on creating the best environment for remote education

(WXYZ) — With virtually every school moving to virtual learning and a shortage of desks for purchase, local panicked parents are quickly realizing the kitchen table just won’t cut it for class time.
But finding a student size desk or chair is impossible! The majority of retailers are either out of stock or will not ship for months.

The organizational experts at the Closets by Design in Detroit are helping families desperate for ideas on creating the best environment for remote education and boosting their kid’s chances of home school success. For parents in a pinch, Closets by Design has put together a lesson plan they can use to set up a Home School Work Station:

Desk Doubles – Use what you have around the house. A sofa/console table can be repurposed as a desk. A smooth piece of splinter-free wood and some brackets mounted to a wall can create

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Portable Light Tower Improvements For Remote Northern Usage

As an electrician working in northern Alberta, Canada who specializes in the installation and maintenance of rental light towers, I’ve seen more than my share of entirely preventable equipment failures.

It’s only been in the last dozen or so years that these trailer mounted light towers have become commonplace in the north’s booming oil and gas industry, and in bitterly cold, daylight starved areas in general.

Initially portable light towers were heralded as a safety and productivity godsend, and rightfully so. In industries that operate 24/7 regardless of weather or light conditions, allowing the rapidly growing number of workers to keep production and security at normal daylight levels in the 16+ hour winter nights was enticing. These relatively inexpensive, small, and supposedly durable machines were bought in huge numbers by both equipment rental companies and end users as demand rapidly increased.

Unfortunately it was soon discovered that there were some … Read More