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Do Not Get Taken By Your Repairman

Imagine coming home from a hard days work and wanting to get through your daily routine so you can enjoy the rest of the evening. Then, you abruptly realize that the fridge is not cole, or the microwave is not heating your food, or that the washing machine isn’t washing your clothes. What do you do now?

Agreeably, most of us will open the phone book or search the Internet hoping to find an honest and well-adept repairman that is readily available. Of course, we pray that the repairman we choose will not just end up ripping us off.

To keep this from occurring when selecting a repairman, try using these six tips to get the service you need without getting taken for a ride.

A) Make note of the manufacturer and model of your appliance and a short description of the issue (a single paragraph should do) prior to … Read More