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Why Should You Only Allow A Professional Locksmith To Repair Or Replace Your Car Keys?

Being locked out of your car is one of the most dreadful situations of the day – right? What if you found yourself in any such situation? Should you call a relative with spare key at the time of emergency? Not at all, especially if you have a baby with you or you need to reach anywhere as quickly as it is possible. On the off-chance, you think that hiring a handyman instead of a professional locksmith can save your money so you are wrong in all ways. This is because sometimes, it can even dig into any serious issue, which you cannot afford anyhow. There are many reasons that let you understand why you should only allow a car key specialist or a professional locksmith to deal with such situation. Have a look to know about those reasons.

They Use Branded Parts: One of the common reasons you should … Read More

LP, Maisonite, T1-11, or Weyerhaeuser Siding on Your Home – Should You Paint it Or Replace it?

I get called almost daily to help people deal with failing exteriors problems in our area. The main problems we see with siding is typically related to LP Siding, Weyhauser Siding, T1-11 siding and Maisonite siding. These materials are all made of chip board and laminated together. That means your siding material is only as good as the glue that binds the wood chips.

Over time during the heating cooling and wet seasons the boards can start to de laminate causing your homes exterior to fall a part. This usually takes 12 or more years to occur and maintenance can play a roll in this failure.

If you look at the siding on your home you may notice it starting to crumble on the edges or starting to absorb water.

The simple truth is that once this starts to happen your problems will most likely start to compound. The failing … Read More

Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Siding Contractor to Replace Exterior Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular home exterior across the country. It’s durable and easy to maintain, and comes in an array of colors to allow you to truly customize your home’s appearance. But even if you take great care of your siding, over the years it can deteriorate and eventually need repair or complete replacement.

If you’ve lived in your home for more than a decade and have yet to replace the vinyl siding, it might be time to take a closer look. In some instances, you can get away with replacing only a few panels. In other instances, you’ll want to replace the entire facade of your home. Total replacement isn’t cheap, but rest assured that the cost is going toward improving your home’s appearance and long-term durability.

Signs that vinyl siding is in need of replacement include:

  • Warped or broken panels: Siding panels that are no longer flat
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Bathroom Remodeling Secrets – Reglaze Don’t Replace

Looking to save a little time and cash on your bathroom remodeling project? Are you starting with that bathtub that has lost its “glimmer”? Many will pull out the bathtub that has lost its pizzazz and replace it with a new, shiny model. You want to know a secret, though? You do not have to replace your bathtub, you can simply reglaze it! In this article, you will learn the steps that are involved in the reglazing process. Now, you can simply reglaze, not replace! You can save yourself hundreds of dollars instead of spending hundreds!

1) The first step to reglazing that bathtub is to simply ensure that the area in and around the bathtub is in good shape. This means checking out the all the plumbing fixtures, faucets and all the caulking and sealant around the tub. It is essential that you ensure that all previous damage is … Read More

How to Replace T-111 Siding and Trim on a Chimney

If you have ever lived in a home with T-111 siding, you have probably experienced wood rot. There are two leading causes of wood rot on T-111. The first is the paint drying out and absorbing moisture. The second is water finding an entrance due to a caulk joint failure. This occurs around windows, doors and at the seams. The steps listed below are what to look for and how to repair it. This article is specific to a chimney repair but can be applied to other areas. In this specific repair, we will be replacing the T-111 with a Hardie type panel and trim.

1. First, inspect the chimney. More than likely the bottom of the T-111, where the panel meets the roof deck, will be suspect. Poke around the perimeter with a screw driver to determine the extent of any damage. At this stage, you can only find … Read More