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Coronavirus: Patients ‘not tested’ before care homes return

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Stretton Nursing Home

image captionAt Stretton Nursing Home 12 residents died from coronavirus in a two-week period

Hundreds of hospital patients in Herefordshire and Worcestershire were discharged into care homes during the initial wave of the coronavirus pandemic without being tested first.

Figures obtained by the BBC show from March to May more than 200 patients were placed in care homes before it was known if they were carrying the virus.

A group representing the sector said the situation was “pretty appalling”.

The Department of Health says £1bn is being given to protect care settings.

Bev Anderson, who runs Stretton Nursing Home near Hereford, said the wave of cases “hit us so quick” early in the pandemic.

In a two-week period at the end of March and beginning of April, 25 of the 40 residents caught Covid-19, with 12

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Children whose homes burned down in wildfires struggle to return to online schooling

The Pearl Hill fires burned down several homes in Bridgeport, seen Sept. 10. (Amanda Snyder / The Seattle Times)
The Pearl Hill fires burned down several homes in Bridgeport, seen Sept. 10. (Amanda Snyder / The Seattle Times)

Monserrat Gildo and her 11-year-old sister Citally were already grappling with a rocky start to the school year: Bridgeport, like most other districts in Washington, began the school year online.

Then came the Pearl Hill wildfire.

Police slipped warning letters under doors and told people to leave. On Labor Day, 15-year-old Monserrat and her family evacuated as fire tore through the Douglas County town, turning homes, barns and cars to ash. But for a few items, “everything my parents worked for was lost,” said Monserrat, who goes by Monse. “Everything just got burned down.”

Suddenly children here are reeling from two crises: a world upended by a global pandemic and housing insecurity in the wake of environmental disaster. After the fire cleared, most Bridgeport residents were without water, electricity or internet

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Peterson Rich Office and Regional Plan Association return with design recommendations for improving NYCHA properties

Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary design studio Peterson Rich Office (PRO) and nonprofit civic organization the Regional Plan Association (RPA) have released a new 18-page report detailing design strategies and scalable solutions meant to boost the well-being of the roughly 600,000 New Yorkers living in deteriorating New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)-owned and -operated developments. In total, NYCHA, the largest housing authority in the United States, acts as landlord for roughly 8 percent of all New Yorkers.

PRO was selected by the RPA to lead research and design work for the report last June as part of the organization’s inaugural J.M Kaplan Chairs for Urban Design fellowship, which expressly focuses on generating new and innovative design solutions that could be implemented at critically underfunded public housing campuses across all five boroughs. As envisioned in the initiative, funds to implement such strategies would come from a mix of (dwindling) federal, state, and local sources

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How To Claim The Discount Points On Your Income Tax Return

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows the deduction of the discount points on your income tax return. Discount points which are one of the most important tax deductions to homebuyers are paid upfront to reduce the mortgage payment.

Calculate the Discount Points

Each point equals one percent of the principal. For example, a 2 discount points on $150,000 mortgage comes to $3,000 ($150,000 x 0.02). The Closing Statements shows how much is your discount points. If you do not see discount points, have no fear. Discount points are also called Loan Origination Fees, Maximum Loan Charges, or Loan Discount.

First Time Homebuyer Discount Points

For a first time buyer, IRS allows to claim the full amount of discount points on the year paid. For example, Joe bought his first home on 2005. In his closing statement, the discount points come to $3,000. Joe claims the full amount on Schedule A of … Read More