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IG Review finds management practices, not fraud, at root of conflict

By William Kelly, Daily News Staff Writer
| Palm Beach Daily News

A  Palm Beach County Inspector General’s Office investigation found no evidence that a contractor fraudulently billed the town for the installation and maintenance of crime surveillance cameras. 

The town asked the office in August 2019 to investigate its concerns that it paid Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) for work that was not completed. 

The inspector general’s office, in its Sept. 22 report, concluded that the town’s project management practices were largely responsible for confusion over billing issues.

“Although we did not find clear evidence of fraud, it does appear that the parties disagree on their interpretation and understanding of the terms of their agreement related to performance and billing,” the report states.

However, the IG’s office said, the investigation revealed “issues that we believe should be addressed: one concerns the town’s project management procedures, and the other concerns the

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Home equity rates 2020 review and forecast

The year 2020 has been packed full of health and financial challenges for many Americans. Yet for home equity borrowers, there’s been some good news too. Interest rates are low, and the Federal Reserve has indicated that they’re likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window: Home equity rates forecast for 2020

© Tom Merton/Getty Images
Home equity rates forecast for 2020

In many situations, leveraging the equity in your home can be a smart strategy. Home equity loans can help you accomplish big-ticket goals like paying for a child’s education, making major home improvements and consolidating higher-interest debt. Better yet, when you borrow against your home equity, you may be able to reach these goals at a low interest cost and without pulling money out of savings.


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Home equity rates in 2020: Initial predictions vs. reality

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have accurately predicted all of the events that

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Remodeling Steps That Include a Review of Homeowners Insurance

You walk through your home, taking in all the looks you would like to improve on. This room needs an expansion, that one needs a bigger closet, and the next better lighting. There’s literally no end to what you can do to improve your living space. The bottom line in home improvement projects of course is your particular needs and tastes.

Once you’ve decided on the remodeling you will be tackling, get down to the other important prerequisites: viewing online suggestions or home project literature that is designed to walk you through organization steps; setting budget limits; selecting contractors; and last but certainly not least, acquiring the required construction permits.

Naturally, you also must consider your homeowners insurance policy.

The Four Insurance Prerequisites to Home Improvement

• Know your coverage insurance limits

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Limb Remodeling Review

Being tall is always a plus factor regardless of one’s age, height or gender. Thus, it is common for people to take supplements or go into a surgery that will help them achieve their desired height. Why not? A nice height is the envy of many and opens to a lot of job opportunities. One can grow to become a ramp model or a beauty titlist. Others are able to build a career in sports such as basketball. Meanwhile, technology has grown so advanced that there are many ways wherein one can gain an increase in his height. However, none is as safe as Limb Remodeling.

1. The Misconceptions On Growth Hormones.

A greater majority of people were of the opinion that one’s height is mostly attributed to his or her genes and the production of growth hormones in the body. While there can be truth to this, studies also … Read More