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Living Room Ideas That Will Liven Up Any Space, Big Or Small – Living Rooms

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

When we hear the words “living room makeover,” many of us think a few cans of paint and a new sofa — and don’t get us wrong, those two things can work wonders. But creating a welcoming, tranquil space is about so much more than the colors and the furniture. It’s about combining practicality with aesthetic so you can enjoy living in and looking at it at the same time. 

Before you go down a rabbit hole of living room ideas you’ll want to figure out how much space you’re working with. Measuring a room beforehand can save you tons of headaches down the road: You’ll know how many buckets of paint to buy, you can compare your space to similar-sized rooms on the internet, and you can think realistically about that oversized coffee table — before you have a chance to get too attached. 


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Bar exam in hotel rooms offered test-takers social distancing and private bathrooms

Bar Exam

“You are literally sitting in a hotel room 1 foot away from a bed. That was a really strange feeling,” says Eric Rodriguez, a 2020 University of Texas at Austin School of Law graduate who took the exam at the downtown Hilton Austin. Photo by Eric Rodriguez.

Among the many worries for people taking recent in-person bar exams during the COVID-19 pandemic, some were logistical: How could they maintain social distancing during the test? Would public restrooms be germ magnets? Could they safely eat with others?

Hotel rooms could be the answer to those concerns. Texas, which traditionally holds the state bar exam at large convention centers, recently administered its two-day in-person bar exam at Hilton hotels around the state. Each candidate took the test in his or

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The Benefits of Wet Rooms

When it comes to designing your bathroom you have lots of options. Typically a bathroom contains about three key features. A bathroom will have a toilet, a bathtub or shower stall or tub with a showerhead and a sink. However, as bathroom design as changed, so have the options as to the choice of the design. The design choices aren’t just about the colors of your fixtures or the type of flooring you put in, but rather are changing in terms of the actual functionality of the room itself. People are now putting in wet rooms rather than your standard bathroom.

One of the greatest benefits to a wet room is the space saving design of it all. With a wet room the entire bathroom really acts as the shower. This means that you will not have the standard tub. Not having a tub in your bathroom can save you … Read More