Kirk Jackson explains why using a manual typewriter is almost like playing a piano, and how it inspires him.

Nashville Tennessean

Nearly four years ago, longtime collector Kirk Jackson happened across a dusty, old manual typewriter in an antiques shop — and that turned into a full-blown obsession

He’s only 42, but handyman Kirk Jackson has always been an old-school guy who loves old stuff.

He collects old oil lamps and old coins. He fixes and preserves old furniture and old machines. He uses roller and hand brushes instead of spray guns to paint houses. He keeps his broken-down 1980 Jeep parked next to his work shed because he likes to look at it.

So it was natural four years ago that he was drawn to an old, dirty case in the Dead People’s Things antique store in Goodlettsville during a shopping trip.

Handyman Kirk Jackson keeps most of