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Anatomy of a Well Built Storage Shed

So you have decided to purchase a storage shed and finally use the garage to park cars? Choosing a storage shed can get quite confusing. The market seems to have been flooded with barn builders and retail outlets that claim to have the best quality and price around. So who do you believe? We will attempt to give you some tips to look for in your search.

Construction of storage buildings vary from place to place. Any building can be made pretty with a good paint job and cheap options. The actual test of a well made storage building is in the construction and quality of materials used. Here are a few hints to be looking for when you are out shopping.

Floor systems: Since most storage sheds are designed to be in direct contact with the ground, be sure all floor construction is made of treated materials. Do not … Read More

Loafing Shed Construction

When you regard your horses as members of your family, you want the best for them. All of my loafing shed plans are designed with safety and comfort in mind. The following article will help you decide what kind of shed to build, where to place it and the safety factors involved.

Loafing sheds, also referred to as run in sheds, are simply small barns designed to protect your livestock from the harsh weather elements. Loafing sheds, or pasture shelters, should be built using the same construction techniques as any other well-built barn to ensure a strong structure that will withstand the abuse of crowded animals.

When choosing the style of the building and roof, several options are available. Metal buildings with a shed roof or gable roof are easily adaptable for use as a loafing shed. Whether using wood siding or metal siding, a liner wall or kick guard, … Read More

Building a Loafing Shed – Process Of Making A Wooden Shed For Horses

Horses need more protection from nature’s elements, and having a loafing shed can give them the protection they need. Designs are easy to find and it is just as easy to build with the right tools and materials.

Tools and Material Needed

  • 4 – 12x4x4 posts
  • 2×4 lumber pieces
  • Siding
  • Roofing nails
  • Regular nails
  • A hammer
  • Concrete mix
  • Bags of sand

Making the Foundation: Start by measuring the spots for where the corner posts will go, the regular size is 12×12 feet. Dig holes for the posts for the 4×4 pieces to 36″ deep. Put the posts in the holes with concrete and allow them to sit for 72 hours until the concrete dries.

Building the Walls: Build the walls with the 2×4 pieces on three sides, starting around 4″ from ground level and up to the tops of the posts. Make sure that you leave a small gap near … Read More