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Feng Shui for Homes: Feng Shui Home Decorating As an Anxiety Relief Technique

It’s all about energy.

If you ever notice a sudden negative vibe when you enter your home, take a hard look around you. How does it really feel? Are you more or less stressed at home than at work?

Using the principles of feng shui home decorating might be the best natural remedy and an anxiety relief technique that is also easy.

If you think this is all baloney or that your emotions are not impacted by what you surround yourself with, think again.

Scientist at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that your surrounding has a direct effect on your ability to process information and can make you anxious if it is chaotic or in disarray.

Many times we don’t notice as clutter builds around us until we are overwhelmed by it.

Arranging your home according to feng shui principles can provide a harmonious atmosphere that is relaxing instead of … Read More

Feng Shui Bathroom Wealth

Feng Shui has tried, true, and time tested wealth strategies that integrate theories based on Feng Shui Elements. Feng Shui colors and tools such as the Feng Shui Baguato provide followers the secret keys to lasting prosperity. If you did a Feng Shui Study, you would be fascinated by the relationship Feng Shui establishes between the bathroom and wealth. Read on and you will not only help you discover new ways to improve prosperity but will also provide to deepen your understanding of this popular practice which has strong spiritual and scientific basis

Even if you’re a Feng Shui beginner, you’re probably familiar with Feng Shui bagua (Feng Shui map of a space), and know that family area is a good place for the living room, or that a Feng Shui office is best placed in the knowledge, wealth or career sectors. You may also know that Feng Shui bed … Read More

More Feng Shui Bathroom Myths Exposed

The misguided author of an internet article on bathrooms puts forth the argument that bathrooms represent water and that this can somehow correlate with a person feeling like they are “drowning” in some part of their life. First of all, most people do not spend enough time in their bathroom for it to be considered a major influence on one’s life. Other areas, such as a bedroom or home office or living room carry much more impact on a person’s well-being. If a person spends an excessive amount of time in their bathroom, this might indicate a physical or mental disability way beyond the scope of Feng Shui.

Next, even though the bathroom contains a toilet with some water in it, I wouldn’t call this an over whelming amount of water. I have more water in my dining room fountain. Nor should anyone be concerned with the water that enters … Read More