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Protect Your Investment – Build a Custom RV Garage

After investing thousands of dollars in the recreational vehicle of your dreams, what better way to protect your investment than with an RV garage? If you own a recreational vehicle, you already know that most RV’s are too tall and long to fit in a standard garage.

Most homes do not come standard equipped with RV garages. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma. You can have a custom RV garage built or you can purchase a prefabricated RV garage that you can assemble yourself on your property.

Prefabricated garages are made from materials such as steel, vinyl siding, cedar, or other wood siding. Lighter weight aluminum RV garages are also available, but are less likely to endure extreme weather conditions like more durable materials will.

Purchasing a custom designed RV garage enables it to be built to your specific needs as well as allows it to be built … Read More

Testing on Insulating Paints

I have been skeptical by the claims of saving 20% on energy or more, there are many names out there, I purchased a few brands Hytech, Nansulate and Insuladd and preformed a test in my own small shop.

I first tried with a 48″ x 48″ sheet of aluminum siding, exposed each sheet to the same 150w UV lamp for 4 hours from a distance of 48″ away. The Temperature on the siding before any of the products were added at the same exposure was 138.4 Degrees F. Here are my results,

Hytech: 135.1 F = Savings (3.3 F)

Nansulate: 135.4 F = Savings (3.0F)

Insuladd: 121.6 F = Savings (14.8F)

So my conclusion on the above test is that Only Insuladd offered any “Radiant Barrier” savings worth noting at 14.8 Degrees F less surface temperature.

My Second Test was using a standard sheet of drywall 48″ x 48″ x … Read More

An Introduction to Half Round Gutters

Rain water can be quite a destructive force, and unless half round gutters are installed on your home it could end up doing a lot of damage. Your home’s roof, siding, doors, windows, and even the foundation can all be damaged when you do not have this simple device installed and well maintained. It may not seem like such an important matter now, but it certainly will when you have to spend money on expensive siding and roof leak repair. This article will provide you with a short introduction to these useful devices.

Even though there are quite a few different types of guttering to choose from, half round gutters are quickly becoming the most popular. They are one of the oldest types on the market and are still widely used today. They are available in a wide assortment of colors, they are relatively inexpensive, and they even offer an … Read More

Anatomy of a Well Built Storage Shed

So you have decided to purchase a storage shed and finally use the garage to park cars? Choosing a storage shed can get quite confusing. The market seems to have been flooded with barn builders and retail outlets that claim to have the best quality and price around. So who do you believe? We will attempt to give you some tips to look for in your search.

Construction of storage buildings vary from place to place. Any building can be made pretty with a good paint job and cheap options. The actual test of a well made storage building is in the construction and quality of materials used. Here are a few hints to be looking for when you are out shopping.

Floor systems: Since most storage sheds are designed to be in direct contact with the ground, be sure all floor construction is made of treated materials. Do not … Read More

EIFS – Synthetic Stucco Cost – Price – A Lucrative Investment

Whether you’re planning to renovate your house to increase curb appeal for potential buyers or live in your home for the rest of your life, renovating with synthetic stucco will give you the greatest ROI (return on investment) for your money. The aesthetic value of EIFS alone causes a home to stand out as a gem among it’s neighbors to create a lasting first impression. However, it doesn’t stop at first impressions, as a new siding on your house is ranked the top home renovation in terms of “Cost vs. Value”. If that wasn’t enough, any money not initially recovered via increased home valuation is made up by significant reductions in your heating and cooling bills, putting money back in your pocket for years to come.

The most obvious benefit of synthetic stucco is it’s beauty. No siding exists which can match it’s wide range of textures, colours and design … Read More

A Thought on Glass Office Partitions

Movable partitions have multiple benefits including light weight and ease of installation. They are modular and removable without damages or heavy work. Thus, the floor and walls are not damaged when redeveloping the workspace.

Arranging partition walls has an additional advantage in terms of cost compared to the traditional work. In terms of functionality, glass partitions are the best options, as they look great with their sleek and corporate look. Being attractive and effective, glass office partitions can be found in most workplaces today. They also provide tremendous advantages over traditional walls; not only do they let natural light in, their cost is much lower than that of the walls. Being completely soundproof, they help to maintain transparency too.

And yes, they come in various styles to suit your specific requirements. Glass partition walls can help save a business owner a lot of money. Their surprising strength is their biggest … Read More

Benefits of Residential Pressure Washing

These days it’s important to take advantage of intelligent investments. Given the current state of Wall Street, we can expand the idea of an investment in terms of things that can extend our current assets’ life cycle. One of the most economical ways to do this is preserving our home. As a structure, it requires constant maintenance and the more efficient the maintenance that you can provide over the long run, the better.

An often overlooked way to preserve the hard infrastructure of our homes is by pressure washing. One would be surprised at the benefits of this simple task. Here are just a few examples.

Would you rather clean things or replace them? Siding, sidewalks and roofs are enormously expensive to replace yet few people do the math to see which they would truly rather do. In a throw-away society, far too few people think about preservation and they … Read More

Addressing Stucco Failure

Aside from roofing failure, the most common source of moisture entering residential community properties is failure of the siding material. In southern California, most siding consists of stucco. Unfortunately, stucco siding systems leak!

Why do builders specify stucco so often?

Stucco became popular in the United States in the early 1800’s as an inexpensive and effective means of exterior wall covering over concrete, brick or stone. Today most stucco involves a less expensive method of application; instead of brick or stone, it is applied over open frame construction. “Open frame” means that paper and lathe reinforcement resembling chicken wire is laid over wood-framed walls without sheathing, and then coated with three applications of plaster. This is a low-cost technique, but it has pitfalls.

When you look at a stucco wall, all you see is plaster. The plaster does not keep your home dry; it just protects the waterproofing paper. Yes, … Read More

Log Cabin Articles

I’m an owner of land in the mountains of north Georgia. As a result, I’ve done a lot of research on various topics related to log cabins.

Basements – If your property is on a mountain ridge like mine, you’ll definitely need a basement. I plan to use mine for the grandchildren’s bedrooms, playroom and utilities. Basements provide a relatively cheap expansion of your livable space.

Radial heat – Needing a cement basement floor, I will definitely be incorporating radial heat. Radial heat is different from traditional heat sources. Check out why this is a smart decision.

Lighting – The interior walls and ceilings of cabins which are usually wood based, need special light planning. Wood tends to absorb light rather than reflect it. There are a number of ways to address this lighting shortfall.

Roofing – Consider the option of a metal roof. It has a very long life … Read More

Loafing Shed Construction

When you regard your horses as members of your family, you want the best for them. All of my loafing shed plans are designed with safety and comfort in mind. The following article will help you decide what kind of shed to build, where to place it and the safety factors involved.

Loafing sheds, also referred to as run in sheds, are simply small barns designed to protect your livestock from the harsh weather elements. Loafing sheds, or pasture shelters, should be built using the same construction techniques as any other well-built barn to ensure a strong structure that will withstand the abuse of crowded animals.

When choosing the style of the building and roof, several options are available. Metal buildings with a shed roof or gable roof are easily adaptable for use as a loafing shed. Whether using wood siding or metal siding, a liner wall or kick guard, … Read More