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When Bathroom Space is Limited, A Corner Medicine Cabinet May Be the Answer

Using a bathroom corner medicine cabinet is a good way to save space, particularly if the room is small. If the bathroom in question is just a half-bath, such as is often used for guest facilities near a party room, then the situation is even more critical.

Unless you are a contractor, you probably are not aware of what your local plumbing code has to say about the placement of bathroom facilities. A toilet must have at least 30″ of space to sit in, and a sink needs 20″. This means if you are considering installing both these fixtures on the same wall, you would need over 4 feet of wall space.

By putting either the toilet or the sink in the corner, it will need less space on that wall. So if the wall is long enough, you will be able to put in a somewhat bigger sink or … Read More

Attic Remodel – Create New Space From Old

An attic remodel is a great way to create a room without the expense of a roof, exterior walls or a foundation. Popular attic uses are a bedroom, office, children’s area, playroom and living space.

Before you start, however, you need to work out if your attic is suitable for converting and create a plan. Make sure the flooring or joists are strong enough for you to stand on for your inspection.

Ceiling – can you stand up, or do you bump into the ceiling? Building codes require ceilings to be a particular height (typically 7 feet 6 inches over at least half of the available floor space). You need to be able to stand up straight without crouching in the room. There are ways to deal with a low ceiling. If the ceiling height is too low and there are trusses, you may only be able to use the … Read More

Save Bathroom Storage Space With Bathroom Linen Cabinets

Bathroom linen cabinets are an excellent way to add elegance and serve as an ideal storage option to your lavatory. Cabinets are not only functional, but they are an attractive way to show off your bathroom while keeping your daily necessities in an accessible and convenient way.

These cabinets are naturally very simple and sleek looking in design. In choosing the right storage cabinet, it should suit the design of the bathroom to make to complement the entire look of the room.

There are corner cabinets, those with glass doors and drawers, stand up cabinets, as well as wall types. You may want to consider the storage with decorative shelves for holding candles or baskets so that you can add some decor to your bathroom at the same time.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Linen Cabinet

A wall mounted type of storage is perfect for people without a lot of space, but … Read More

Transform Your Bathroom Into A Glamorous Live Well Space

It is obvious you want to start your day with a good mood. Healthy morning activity paves way for this. Amicable and most comfortable live well bath spaces at your home enables all that are needed, for a whistling mood. Don’t you have them? No worries – now you can magically transform your master bedroom, children’s, guest bathroom and their surrounds look glamorous and luxurious to the core.

What is needed is smart planning and execution to upgrade them, the way you want them to be. Activating your mind in a positive, healthy and happy mood is in your hands.

Refurbishment/Re-designing your Bath Space:

Before embarking on the actual construction work by the contractor, you must “visualize” your future bathroom. Care to be taken in selecting from tiles, sanitaryware, and faucets (commonly known as fittings), good rain shower, wellness tub, even few accessories can add elegance to suit your budget … Read More

Straight Kitchen Design Idea To Cater Your Space Constraint Needs

The Kitchen being the important part of the house needs very much attention while you design your dream home! The kitchens are designed keeping in mind the available space and requirements of the user. A straight kitchen is a one-wall kitchen layout with counter space on both sides of the cooking range.

Straight modular kitchens are among the most economical layouts which are perfect for homeowners limited by budget and space, It can integrate a minimalist aesthetics while pouring in the d├ęcor essence of a gallery shaped or L-shaped kitchen. Straight kitchen designs are also popular in houses that have a second smaller kitchen area for special occasions or irregular purposes.

It is advisable to opt for straight kitchen design ideas if you are constrained to a smaller kitchen space. Also with longer and smaller kitchen straight kitchen ideas are suitable. For homeowners planning on an open kitchen, this layout … Read More

Get a Home Loan to Redecorate Your Basement and Win Extra Space For Your Hobbies!

Do you have a basement in your property? It has been there for ever and was never used for anything useful but storage? Well, it is time for you to go down there and start doing some cleaning!

After you have threw away all those useless things that you have been placing there, you will find that there is a whole new space that, with some aid could look great and give you that space you need just for you.

What Kind Of Financial Aid Could You Get For Doing This?

Home loan products include a whole line pointing to home improvements. Home improvement loans, as we known them, are meant to ad value to your property, by doing those needed repairs, redecorating or constructing a whole new room to ad more space. Landscape improvements are also contemplated by these kinds of loan since those modification’s highly increase a property’s … Read More

Fixing Houses: Create Space in Bathrooms Without Tearing Down Walls

Some rehabbers don’t mind tearing up a house to make it fit into a desirable area. For instance, many older homes in Los Angeles get torn down to the foundation with just a few walls left. However, most rehabbers like to update a home with new fixtures and features without tearing into the house. Plus, many houses just won’t turn a profit with too much reconstruction. One way to update an older home is to make bathrooms feel larger.

Bathrooms have been steadily increasing in size over the past thirty years, and today’s average bathroom is twice as large as bathrooms of the 1970s. However, bathrooms can be difficult to expand in existing houses without knocking down walls. There are some ways you can create a more spacious look and feel, without bringing in the sledge hammers.

For instance, you can save some space by installing a smaller bathtub, since … Read More

Got A Small Bathroom? Renovation Ideas For Bathrooms With Limited Space

Many people cite the bathroom as their favourite place in a house. Typically, this room is associated with hygiene, but many users also consider the bathroom as a place for relaxation and rest. A large and very spacious bathroom is indeed very conducive to relaxation, but in most homes, bathroom space is limited to make way for other rooms that are considered more important, such as the kitchen or bedroom. However, problems with limited space can be addressed easily through smart renovation techniques. Listed below are some bathroom renovation ideas to help homeowners get the most out of their limited bathroom space:

Choose fixtures wisely. It goes without saying that large fixtures will overwhelm a small bathroom, so make sure to choose fittings that are on the small side. Also consider special features that further reduce space consumption. For instance, opt for a sliding shower door rather than one that … Read More