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Tag: Speedometers

The Digital Speedometer’s Many Improvements Over the Years

A digital speedometer is a device which gives the current speed of a moving object. It can generally be seen in motor vehicles. Like the older models, this device is essential in operating vehicles too, because it gives the person in control of the vehicle/machine awareness of his/her speed so he/she can maintain the correct velocity and avoid crashing with something along the road.

The digital speedometer has a couple of advantages over its ancestor, the analogue speedometer. One of the advantages is that digital ones produce more accurate and reliable readings. This is because digital speedometers use speed sensors which actually reads the vehicle’s moving rate, and then sending results to the speedometer’s microprocessor, which is responsible for the display. Another advantage is that digital speedometers display the speed measurement in numbers, which is a lot more readable than the clock-like display of analogue ones. Drivers suffering from deteriorated … Read More