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Remodeling Ideas for Split-Level Houses

In the 1970s, split-level homes were the grooviest pads on the block. By the mid-70s, 12% of new homes in the United States were split-levels (21% in the Midwest), but today, they make up less than 1% of new homes. Their heyday has passed. Split-levels are not only unpopular, they’re actively avoided. Modern homebuyers comment on the retro, 70s feel of split-level homes as well as their awkward and cluttered layouts. Although they were once loved for their low price, the fact that they didn’t need an excavated basement, and staggered floors that allow for lots of privacy, homeowners today tend to find them outdated and dark. Luckily, there are many remodeling ideas for split-level houses that allow homeowners to open up the space and remove that outdated ambience.

Let’s start with the first thing you see upon arriving at a house: the curb appeal. Common complaints regarding split-level homes … Read More