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Basement Waterproofing Contractor’s Effective Time Management a Must During Steady Storm Period

A management crisis will likely happen for some basement waterproofing contractors following each “once-in-a-lifetime” rain storm. However, even steady rain that persists over days and weeks can be damaging. Mother Nature’s wrath compounds daily difficulties by creating a backlog of problems that may hamper a contractor long after the calming of the storm. For such occurrences, it is vital that contractors develop a strategy for handling proposals, panicked homeowners and the psychology of organizing the promises a contractor must keep in the midst of a storm.

Avoid these time-eating scenarios

Following a rain storm, homeowners want answers. Unfortunately, they often ask questions that a contractor can’t possibly answer. It is common for a panicked homeowner to ask a lot of “what if” questions, especially if their basement is flooded and their neighbor’s is not. These “what if” questions are a waste of time. Without completely ignoring the concerns of a … Read More