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3 Simple Tips for Building Homes of Your Own Success

Building Homes of Your Own is a computer game where you are challenged to get a loan, select and purchase property, design and build a house, and sell it for a profit. There are three levels to the game, Urban or Suburban, Rivers and Lakes, and Coastline. For each progressive level you will be given a larger loan for your budget. On the third level, Coastline, you will receive a loan for more than 1 million dollars.

Construction Technology Engineering is the main focus of the software. It is meant to be as close as possible to real world situations in the building homes industry. Many students in Technology Education and Engineering class utilize this software to learn the steps to planning and building a house.

Here are some of the main tips for being successful in the Building Homes of Your Own game. First, you need to remember that … Read More

Constant, Daily Improvement: Key to Lasting Success

One operating philosophy of a modern entrepreneur and a secret to the success of great achievers is constant, daily, improvement. As the saying goes, practice leads to perfection, so does daily, constant improvement also lead you to making an unending success in life.

It is quit unfortunate to note that most of us consider making improvements to our lives a willful issue. Life is not about living all the time in your comfort zone. There are times you have to move away from your known zone. It can be tasking but its worthwhile. Living the same way all the time could be the greatest killer disease anyone can contact. It becomes imperative that we consider changing our attitudes as regards success and failure. We don’t have to wait until when the work is bulky before we start to work them out. I want you to understand that while change is … Read More