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Everything You Want To Know About Problematic Swollen Doors

Doors made of wood tend to function inaptly during every season. You can expect them to shrink during winters, expand during summers and absorb moisture to swell during monsoons or if you live in a humid area. Out of these situations, the swollen doors are most difficult to deal with. These become sticky, won’t close easily and are even harder to open up. If you face the problem already or are about to install a new wooden door, here is a useful discussion you need to go through.

Taking Precaution

Whenever you install a new door, make sure that it is treated with a quality exterior sealant. It is necessary that a minimum of 3 sealant layers are coated. Pay attention to the base as well as the edges of the door as they too require coatings and not just the door’s front and back. Experts also advise that the … Read More