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Fixing Houses: Create Space in Bathrooms Without Tearing Down Walls

Some rehabbers don’t mind tearing up a house to make it fit into a desirable area. For instance, many older homes in Los Angeles get torn down to the foundation with just a few walls left. However, most rehabbers like to update a home with new fixtures and features without tearing into the house. Plus, many houses just won’t turn a profit with too much reconstruction. One way to update an older home is to make bathrooms feel larger.

Bathrooms have been steadily increasing in size over the past thirty years, and today’s average bathroom is twice as large as bathrooms of the 1970s. However, bathrooms can be difficult to expand in existing houses without knocking down walls. There are some ways you can create a more spacious look and feel, without bringing in the sledge hammers.

For instance, you can save some space by installing a smaller bathtub, since … Read More