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Toilet Paper And Toilet Tissue Improvements Count

Since the first glimmer of the invention of toilet tissue in 6th to 14th Century AD China, there has been a long line of improvements. Granted, the tissue itself was a great leap forward over the previous use of leaves, grass, and other materials. Scott Paper Company was instrumental in mass-producing the first paper for this purpose similar to what we are using today. Their improvements began around 1880-1890 and continue to this day.

Toilet tissue paper is made differently than other paper products like facial tissue. It is now available in single ply, 2-ply and 3-ply paper, and is rolled into small to jumbo rolls for use at home or commercially. Custom dispensers are used in public restrooms to contain single paper rolls and sometimes an extra roll for convenience sake. No one likes to find the dispenser empty when the toilet paper roll is needed to be full.… Read More