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MrHobu.com Launches Its Equity Crowdfunding Campaign via Equivesto & Ecom Store Transforming Traditional Homes into Smart-homes – Press Release

Hobu, one of Canada’s upcoming home service platforms connecting homeowners with handymen, has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign via Equivesto to raise its next round of funding, alongside unveiling their online store transforming traditional homes into smart-homes.

Check out Mrhobu.com or www.equivesto.com/mr-hobu to participate in their equity crowdfunding campaign

Sep. 18, 2020 / PRZen / TORONTO — MrHobu has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign through Equivesto to raise the next round of capital for expansion, which is set at a modest starting investment size of 100 Canadian dollars. Any resident of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, can invest in Hobu, and the company isn’t a new startup, as it had already raised C$350,000 in an earlier investment round.

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Despite the global pandemic, Mr.Hobu has been clocking healthy revenues even during these tough times, and now Hobu’s new online store offering a vast

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Personal Care Homes Offer a Much-Needed Alternative to Traditional Long-Term Care Options

While the Pew Research Center records that the United States population doubled between the years 1950-2010, that population growth has slowed considerably, and seniors are an increasing demographic. By 2025, seniors are expected to make up about 18% of the United States’ population. Additionally, the US Census Bureau reports that currently, an estimated 17% of Americans have a disability that causes their functionality to be limited. Whereas in the past, options were quite limited for people who needed assistance with everyday life tasks, today there are more choices.

What Are Personal Care Homes?

The definition and regulations vary from state to state, but generally, these residences accommodate four or more unrelated persons who live in semi-private or private rooms and maintain as much independence as their physical and mental conditions will allow. Unlike nursing homes, clients may be able to bring some furniture and other personal belongings to make their … Read More

Stylish Bathroom Vanities – Traditional and Contemporary

You would like to have the contemporary styling in the bathroom vanities with the best possible experience of luxury and comfort. The bathroom is an important place in the house, where we need to find complete functionality with a feeling of relaxation. Apart from retaining the cleanliness, you should give importance to the aesthetic impression so it looks suitably organized for creating a feeling of satisfaction. You have to take the challenge as any other homeowner to make the area look stylish and functionally impeccable. You should give importance to bathroom furniture along with the vanities not only for appearance, but also for helping create the soothing environment. It should never become outdated or old or shabby and so on, which needs immediate remodeling of the bathroom.

You have the scope of ushering in exciting bath vanities for living in style through efficient shopping online. Enjoy the environment by assembling … Read More