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Tria Laser New Model – 4 Main Improvements

The former TRIA had a few downsides that the new model manages to overcome. There where three main issues customers buying the TRIA laser found out very quickly, some customers even complained about these issues at the hair removal forums.

  1. Slow sessions – The slow laser session was a huge drawback in the old system which made the hair removal process very slow and uncomfortable to follow.
  2. The hand piece was losing energy too quickly which meant the TRIA system needed to be charged more often; sometimes right in the middle of the laser session.
  3. The charging time it self was very long, which made the whole hair removal process clumsy and awkward to complete.

Before reviewing the technological upgrades, the first thing that you see in the new model is that it has a better design, it has nice curves and sleek edges, the displays are all digital and … Read More