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Increase Value of Your House by Upgrading Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Is it time to sell your home? Whether flipping a house or trying to get a good price before a move, there are a few ways to gain value through a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment. Outdated kitchen and the bathroom styles are the quickest way to make a house feel older and more rundown. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your renovations.

Custom design

A made to order design makes the most sense when trying to get the most money for your home. Bespoke bathrooms are noticeable and make a difference in price. A real estate agent or home buyer will be able to tell if tiling and fixtures were simply placed in the space or made for the space. Avoid outrageous designs that might make classic homebuyers feel uncomfortable. You never want a space to only appeal to a particular type of style. Exquisite stonework … Read More

Upgrading Electrical Systems in Historic Homes

Electrical systems in historic homes pose many interesting challenges. “Ask twice, drill once” is the motto of electricians who work on historic houses, so it’s told. Updating the electrical systems in aging homes is essential for the safety and convenience of modern residents, but it isn’t easy. Undertaking a project of this nature is complicated and requires careful planning and oversight to protect the look and structure of an old home. Owners must make it clear to the electrician that keeping the basic structure protected and intact is priority No. 1. Following is a look at the challenges involved and suggestions for getting the job done properly, without causing harm to the look and integrity of your old home.

Why Upgrade?

The first and most important reason to upgrade an old home’s electrical system is safety. Old homes have old wiring, which deteriorates over time. The demands of current homeowners … Read More