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Amory aldermen approve resolutions to fund utility improvements | News

AMORY – The board of aldermen approved documents Sept. 15 presented by city attorney Sam Griffie setting the stage for raising funds through a bond for utilities work throughout Amory.

City utilities manager Mike King said after the meeting the City of Amory Electric Department is planning upgrades to the Mary Haughton and Billie Wright substations to improve electrical reliability and capacity for the entire city’s electrical system.

He continued by stating the improvements will also eliminate the 1960s-era Industrial Drive substation located alongside Puckett Drive. The entire project is anticipated to be completed within two-and-a-half years.

The improvements are to be financed through a revenue bond. The bond will be paid for with electric department revenue and will have a very minor rate impact dependent on the final amount of the bond.

Griffie’s first request was for approval of a bond engagement resolution to employ the firms of Butler

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Types of Work Performed by Wet Utility Contractors

Hiring wet utility contractors is necessary when work needs to be performed on underground pipes. These types of contractors are involved with the installation of water and sewer pipes and storm water drainage systems; repair or removal of existing pipes; preparing construction sites for demolition work; and land restoration where pipeline work was performed.

Wet utility contractors also are needed for repair or installation of public water treatment systems, pre-cast pump houses and steel tanks, as well as modernizing freshwater pipelines.

Wet utility construction contractors undergo significant training before they are allowed to work at construction sites. Workers often encounter dangerous conditions that could lead to serious injury, death, or accidental discharge of toxins into the environment. For this reason, contractors also receive training in HAZMAT and OSHA guidelines, along with any special training required for their specific job function.

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