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Optimizing Front Doors in Vintage Homes in NELA

If you’re a homeowner thinking of selling, or a prospective buyer thinking of buying in the northeast of Los Angeles, you already know vintage homes are in demand and commanding top dollar.

If there is an enduring feature of Craftsman homes it’s the front door. They are solid, usually in finished (unpainted) wood, with the upper third in glass panes separated from the bottom third by a small “dentil” shelf. The door – commonly found on Craftsman homes in Pasadena, Altadena, Eagle Rock and other neighborhoods of Northeast Los Angeles – was a prominent part of the façade.

To put a fine point on it: rehabbers, don’t mess with this.

Front doors on vintage homes anywhere and of any type matter a whole lot. The statement Frank Lloyd Wright made with his smaller, off-center doors was to create a sense of privacy for the family within, and, as some argue, … Read More