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Grenfell Inquiry: Window reveal contractor ‘assumed materials were fine’ | News

The contractor who packed the window surrounds of Grenfell Tower with combustible insulation and finished the reveals with combustible uPVC assumed the materials had already been considered acceptable when he joined the project, the inquiry into 2017’s fire has heard.

Mark Dixon of SD Plastering was hired by Grenfell refurbishment main contractor Rydon to deliver new window reveals for the flats in the tower block. The work bridged the cavity between the 1970s building’s original windows frames and the new windows in the new rainscreen cladding system.

Giving evidence to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry on Tuesday, Dixon – who worked for Rydon for nine years in various managerial roles before becoming a director of SD Plastering in 2005 – said he believed the choice of materials for the surrounds had been driven by value engineering considerations.

Mark Dixon of SD Plastering appears at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry on 29 September 2020

“I think we was one of the last people to cost this

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Maintenance Tips for Your Window Air Conditioner

A window air conditioning unit is designed to have majority of the unit outside of a home because the compressor can be really loud. Because of this design, the appliance will get a lot of exposure to outside elements. Knowing this, you should give your window unit a yearly clean up to make sure it works properly. If you live in a cold climate, you should remove the unit and store in a safe place. If you plan on leaving your window unit in all winter, make sure you cover with waterproof material to protect it from damage. Here are tips for maintaining your window unit each year.

Step 1.) Remove the unit from your window. Unplug the power cord, loosen the side panels and carefully lift the window and prop up with shim. Window units are heavier in the back and will want to fall outside when you lift … Read More

Improve Your Kitchen With Attractive Window Treatments

The kitchen is the busiest area of your house where you spend most of your time. You must want this place to be furnished in a practical and a stylish way. Furnishing here refers to the kitchen furniture and window coverings. It totally depends on your choice whether you want to add a classy touch or something else to your kitchen appearances.

You can either go with classic wood and brick finishes or a more modern and minimal approach by making a feature of neutral colours and matte surfaces. With a large number of shapes and sizes of windows out there, choose from the wide range of options for your kitchen. Aren’t sure what window treatment will suit your space? Here’s something that will help you find the best for your kitchen.

Interesting window treatment ideas for kitchen

New window treatments can make difference to the entire appearance of your … Read More

Box Store Replacement Windows – Are You Getting the Best Replacement Window Available?

Lowe’s or Home Depot make replacement windows very easy. They provide a turn key service to provide you the windows, offer you the support in getting them ordered and even provide an installation option to install them. By creating a “one stop shop” the large stores can cover it all. However, how do you know if you are getting the best window replacement project that you can from the large box stores? The information below details three areas you should consider when choosing a box store to supply your replacement windows.

Window Quality

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have several options to choose from when selecting replacement windows. To begin, each store carries their unique brand of window that is only found in their store. Lowe’s carries the Reliabilt vinyl line and Home Depot carries American Craftsman vinyl windows. Both window lines are unique to each company meaning you will … Read More

Window Fan Improvements

There are times when turning the AC unit is not necessary because all you want is to circulate the air around the room. Although, this can be done by opening the windows and doors but you are having second thoughts about doing this because this can invite all sorts of bugs, pests, and insects inside the house. When it comes to circulating air without the need to open the windows, the window fan does it best.

What is a window fan?

This is the type of fan that is designed to fit perfect within the window frame. Over the years home owners use this type of fan in order to circulate the air inside the room and keep the temperature at a desirable level. Window fans can be one big fan or two small fans that are installed side by side. Expandable side panels are used in order to cover … Read More