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Wood Versus Brick – Which Make The Best Homes?

Building or buying a house is a huge decision, and one that weighs heavily on the person doing the purchasing. What if you make the wrong choice? What if there are some serious problems you didn’t catch during the initial inspection? What if you miss something and tragedy happens?

There are ways to limit those nasty surprises, and one is to consider from the beginning what your home is made out of. The materials that go into construction will dictate how long your house lasts, costs and frequency of repairs, and the stress you are forced to deal with moving forward.

Two popular materials known for their sturdiness are wood and brick. But which one is actually better? Let’s take a look.

The Benefits Of Wood

Wood is often praised for its overall look. You can create a rustic, natural setting using logs. No one would deny how gorgeous wooden … Read More

What to Make and Sell Online – Easy Woodworking and Wood Craft Projects

If you’re trying to decide what to make and sell online, woodworking projects are often dismissed because many people don’t feel that they have the skills necessary to do these types of crafts. Contrary to that belief, there are a significant number of woodworking projects that are easy to do and require little to no prior experience or skills.

Plywood can be purchased at various thicknesses and is a great starting material for novice woodworkers. Measuring and cutting is very easy. In fact, many of the home improvement stores will cut the plywood for you. You can use pieces of plywood to make model houses, simple trinket boxes, birdhouses, photo frames, mirror frames, and much more. You can also cut plywood into simple shapes and paint it as Christmas ornaments, door hangers, house address numbers, decorative sayings for the kitchen or home and more.

Another great material to start with … Read More

Painting Vinyl Siding and Wood? Yes, We Can!

My fiance and I have been looking at houses recently to merge our two families easily and comfortably when we get married.

We have found two houses that we are seriously considering but there are a few issues with both and we are trying to understand the overall and longterm costs and possible problems with both.

We found a two story that I absolutely love and it is in really good condition with lots of updates. The problem is that it has a mix of both vinyl and wood siding. We aren’t sure about painting both surfaces easily. we want a solid color and one that is different than the house is currently, but how hard is it painting vinyl siding?

I remember several years ago my dad trying to doing the same thing and having quite a bit of trouble. However, from what I’ve found, advances have been made … Read More

Different Options For Wood Siding

Centuries ago there were two basic groups of homes: those with wooden siding and those without. The non wood-sided homes normally have either brick or stucco sidings. Very few other siding materials provide the same level of elegance and natural looks like wooden ones.

There are different styles of wooden siding which people prefer. The wood-sided homes are covered in a number of possible styles, most common being lap siding, batten, board, and shingles. Here is a brief overview of the different options of wood sidings:

1. Lap Siding: This option has been prevalent for a long time and can be done with the help of flat wooden boards which overlap with one another. In order to make the top boards thinner than the bottom in lap siding option, the board is milled with a taper. Even today, in numerous US cities like Beaverton (Oregon) and Aloha (Oregon) you can … Read More

How to Resurface Your Hardwood Floors – Sandless Method of Wood Floor Restoration

If your hardwood floors have lost their shine, started to get surface scuffs and scratches, or just need some cleaning and sprucing up then sandless resurfacing may be just what you need. This process works for all types of hardwood floors including; solid unfinished (floors that were finished on site), solid pre finished (floors that were purchased already finished in a factory), and engineered wood floors. Depending on the type of wood flooring you have this process can vary a bit.

I will cover the required steps for each type of flooring.

* Bona brand “Prep” or Basic Coatings brand “Tycote” (these are etching solutions that help ensure a new coating will bond to your floors – note: only needed for pre finished solid or pre finished engineered floors)

* A wood floor finish that is compatible with the etch product; if you are getting the Bona product I’d recommend … Read More