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Green Homes – How Insulation Works

New government programs will encourage people to make their home more energy efficient and green. Insulation is an important part of an energy efficient home, but more insulation is not always better. Before you spend money on insulation (whether the money comes from you or from the government), it is important that you understand how insulation works. More insulation may waste money and can actually harm your home.

Heat flows from warm areas to cool areas. This occurs by three methods: convection, radiation, and conduction. Heat loss and heat gain in homes occurs by all of these methods. An energy efficient home must deal with all heat flow methods.

Convection is the flow of heat by movement of liquids and gasses such as air. Fill a cup with hot coffee and put your hand over the cup. Feel the heat above the cup. Much of this heat is the result … Read More

Bathroom Design and Renovation Tips – Our Top Ten Tips for Economy Bathroom Installation Works

Bathroom Design and Installation tips

Hi I am a bathroom “expert” and have run a company for 20 years specialising in the design, supply and installation of bathrooms in Edinburgh and the Lothians area.

Throughout this period the company has been a member of the Federation of Master Builders organisation.

We are often asked to provide decent quality, hard wearing and attractively finished bathrooms for “buy to let” clients, young families and first time home buyers on a limited budget. If you follow our top ten tips below, there is no reason why you cannot achieve similar results for budgets of less than 3000 pounds.

Our Top Ten Tips for an Economy Bathroom Design and Installation project

1) Don’t be overly ambitious with your bathroom design:- The new bath/shower/wc/basin should be positioned almost exactly where the old units were positioned:- remember that professional labour costs account for at least 70% … Read More