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10 trucks from Bring a Trailer to pretend you’re a 1990s building contractor

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. It’s the kind of thing that makes a programmer in Seattle wake up on a Saturday morning in the year 2020, pour some coffee into a metal thermos, put on a plaid shirt and yellow workboots made by Timberland, a John Deere baseball cap, and head on down to Home Depot in a correct vintage truck to buy something industrial-looking.

If you haven’t noticed, minty trucks from the 1990s have been all the rage on online auction sites for the past few years, and they’re being bought by the kids of the 1980s and 1990s who now want to reenact a Saturday morning at a lumber yard, or go inspect some forest road or railroad despite being employed by neither the forestry service or a railroad. Nostalgia for days just far enough in the rear view mirror to seem distant is what’s driving some to spend almost as much on a truck from 1990, with a Clarion cassette player for infotainment, as a truck from 2020.

We call this the nineties building contractor cosplay lifestyle, and if you have the right wardrobe and the right truck for the job you too can pretend you’re doing something burly and industrial decades ago. If this sounds like a niche hobby, every week tidy trucks from the 1990s attract frenzied bidding on auction sites, and we’ve compiled a digest of the right models and examples to give you a taste of this LARPing lifestyle.

Here are 10 trucks from Bring a Trailer in which you can cosplay as a building contractor from the 1990s.

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