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30 homes destroyed in Bridger Foothills fire | News

The Bridger Foothills fire destroyed 68 structures, 30 of which were homes.

Mikaela Balkind, a fire spokesperson, also said six additional homes and five other structures were damaged. The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office initially reported that 28 homes were lost to the fire.

Caleb Schreiber, incident commander trainee for the fire, said during a video update Wednesday that recent windy conditions have kicked up clouds of ash above the “M” and other areas in the burn zone.

The ash clouds can look like smoke, but they aren’t associated with heat or fire spread, Schreiber said. “These events are really not a huge concern.”

A fire weather watch was set to occur Thursday. Firefighters had contained 83% of the fire’s perimeter as of Wednesday morning. Its cause was determined to be lightning.

The closure area for the fire includes all Forest Service land extending south from the Bridger Bowl Ski Area and east from the Bridger Ridge Trail.

All trails on the western side of the Bridger range, including the Bridger Ridge Trail, are open to the public.

The Forest Service urged people to be aware of hazards like falling trees, loosened soil, burned-out holes and loose boulders and logs.

More accurate mapping revealed the Lobo Mesa fire in the Gravelly Mountains southwest of Ennis spread to 320 acres, the Forest Service wrote Wednesday.

Officials wrote Tuesday the fire had burned 150 acres.

The fire is still about a quarter mile away from the Hell Roaring Drainage and has not threatened any structures. Its cause is still unknown.

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