Alternative & Renewable Energy

Each person has the ability to change their world and in turn will bring us one step closer to a reduced carbon foot print and salvation for our planet Earth.

Dire need: Middle to low-income homeowners, elderly and disability subsidized housing

Within the next few years a percentage of new construction will be required to install renewal energy. Existing government facilities are required to be “Green” in the future.

Renewable energy, the technology to manufacture products that produce alternative and renewable energy, will produce more jobs in the manufacturing industry, the technical industry, ultimately reduce the existing carbon in our atmosphere, slow global warming, increase the longevity of our planet and protect our earth through green technology.

I remember reading an article about a city that implemented assistance programs for apartments and homes that allow residents to be able to afford renewable energy through low-cost loans. These low-cost loans enable families, the elderly and disabled to heat cool and produce electricity for their home or apartment that otherwise would be cost prohibitive. Excess electricity can be sold to the local utility. There are also periodic tax incentives for utilizing renewable energy. Those cities that have been on the forefront in the implementation and subsidized loans are praised for their deployment of renewable energy sources for homes and buildings. They should be praised.

I have been researching renewable energies over seven years and trying to find ways and means to find the right products and make them available and affordable to those who need them most, the American homeowner is a perfect example. Those on fixed-incomes in subsidized housing, still forced to pay high utility costs is another example.

Each business, organization and individual recommended to me that I spoke with had no concept of ways and means to get alternative energy products at an affordable cost to the average low to middle-income homeowner. None of them had ideas in the direction I was looking for. There are existing manufacturing facilities that produce renewable & alternative energy products in many regions of North America. What America needs is state, federal & or national policies created to fund and subsidize loans for the American homeowner in the low to middle-income bracket.

President Obama has an administration in place that can generate the policies to make renewable energy available to help those who need it most at an affordable cost to them. Now is the time to start the process. No family or individual should have to choose heat over food or medical care. I am looking for avenues to bridge the gap between product costs for the average to low-income household. Instead of giving stimulus monies to greedy business executives, and big business, who will continue to squander the monetary proceeds, help me find ways to put those stimulus dollars into the production of renewal products, businesses to install the renewable energy products, personnel to maintain the products after installation, subsidized loans to home owners who use the products and support the industries that will provide the required goods to support the renewable product industry for residential use and consumption.

Once the first model is in place and functioning, it will be easier to help the next community implement the same strategies. We will be able to help each other succeed in the quest to deploy more renewable energy one area at a time. Many jobs will be created as a result.

Buildings are the biggest contributors to the “carbon footprints’. The majority of buildings in the U. S. are homes and housing. I have faith in the American people and believe that given the chance would be grateful for the opportunity to be able to personally benefit from renewable energies and being able to at long last get off the existing, costly, unreliable, controlled by BIG Business, utility grids. We should have learned lessons from Hurricane Katrina, Ike, Gustav, ice storms, snow storms, floods and blackouts have left the American people at the mercy of the existing utilities. Bigger is obviously not better for controlling the energy we pay for. Individual buildings that are self-supporting through renewable energy are the ultimate solution. Buildings will always be susceptible to natural disasters. What should not ever happen is “commercial” Big Business Utilities that leave entire regions with out power, water and natural gas. The best news for home and housing owners using their own renewable energy is that they won’t be subjected to the Big Business utilities high rate increases because “they” had to spend money to bring “their” grid back on-line and leave “their” customers in the dark, (literally), and make them wait for the services they paid for.

Help me make a difference. Send a letter, email or call your local state representatives, senators, governor and /or go to: The United States Department of Energy at their WEB: to make your voice heard.