An Informative Bulletin On Log Cabin Siding

This article focuses on the advantages of log cabin siding over that of wood siding. It talks about all the features of Log Cabin Siding and gives tips on its maintenance. Logs and log cabin siding are unique in the fact that they are efficiently produced–they are simple and easy to use as well as inexpensive–available to you at wholesale prices. Most importantly, quality is not sacrificed for price. Logs and log cabin siding are properly kiln dried to reduce moisture content and minimize shrinkage. Log cabin siding is well milled, clean and smooth – a beautiful addition to any home.

Log cabin siding is used in home, cabin and commercial construction making a beautiful design statement. You can have the charm that logs offer and the flexibility and cost effectiveness of a traditional frame structure – all at the same time.

Log Cabin siding: Modern way of building

Log cabin siding and matching log corners are becoming more popular than ever before. That’s because they can be used to match or complement existing log buildings, or it can provide an economical method for giving a log look to framed structures. It’s also great for remodeling existing homes and is often used to totally transform the appearance of mobile homes and manufactured homes. Log cabin siding can also provide a look-alike option to people who prefer log homes and are building in areas where local codes do not recognize the inherent energy efficiency of quality log construction.

The key features for log cabin siding

* Made from high grade tight knot raw material

* Kiln Dried to enhance dimensional stability and reduce shrinkage

* Kerf relief on back to prevent cupping

* More versatile than full log construction

An Alternative to Wood Siding

This company makes the log cabin siding appear as it has been made from full logs. In reality, they are made from white pine logs and they give a very realistic feeling to the completed project. Another product that the company sells, apart from the log cabin sidings is the corner of log sidings, which once again give a very realistic look to the project. The wood used is dried in order to get the wetness out of the wood. This will not only reduce its weight, but also make it fungus and termite resistant

Silvastar log cabin siding is designed to create an attractive and rustic appearance for house exteriors. It is made from premium grade kiln dried SPF material, ensuring superb straightness and dimensional stability.