Anatomy of a Close, Closing a Sale and Selling Home Improvements the Right Way! Start Today!

Rookies Say “well what do think?” “Shall we go ahead?” “Can we write her up?”

The definition of closing = Helping people make decision’s that are right for them.

Some sales people use techniques that are bad for them. Some top sales people end up in jail because they are conman. He will sell anything to anybody. He does not care.

A true sales professional can only sell something that they believe is good for the customer after the customer owns it. We use helping techniques. You must close with empathy (putting yourself in someone else’s shoes).

Without the ability to call for a decision everyone loses. I lose, company loses, my family, the client lost. If you can’t call for the decision you’re an order taker. If you’re an order taker you will earn an order takers income or just leave the business.

o The average individual can not make a decision in buying or investing in anything. They have fear of a bad decision. Since they have fear of a bad decision they cannot make any decision. Indecision drives people crazy.

o Why; insecurity causes procrastination. They get insecure with you.

o People love to buy, after they own. Before they do is when they have the problem.

o People need a feeling of confidence to rationalize the decision they really want to make. Like seeing an expensive dress in the window for $700, but you tried it on and someone said “did you get that custom made for you?” Now you own it, why? Someone helped you rationalize the decision to purchase.

At what point to you close?

o When they slow down the pace. If they are relaxing, you’re getting closer to the close.

o When they ask more questions, they are close to being ready.

o When you receive positive stimulus. At this point you use a test close.

o When they favor your test close. Move to a closing sequence.

o Where do you close? Anywhere when they are ready. You can close anywhere.

The anatomy of a close:

Step 1: Understand what they want and need by proper qualifying. Try a solution based selling method.

Step 2: Understand their buying motives. Sometimes we only sell the products we like to the people we like. Sometimes people won’t work with a certain type of person. Who loses, we do as sales people. Try to see the products benefits and features through the eyes of your prospect, (4 behavioral styles).

Step 3: You must radiant belief and conviction and a feeling you can satisfy their needs.

Step 4: Recognize buying signs. A) Verbal, when they are asking questions. When they agree. B) Visual, when you see a smile, there eyes light up, if husband/wife shows more affection, If they want you to demonstrate again.

Step 5: Make the decision they will purchase and lead them to that decision.

Step 6: Close it. By asking questions and leading them to the decision, start writing and closing, if they don’t stop you they bought.

Analyze the close:

If they know what you’re doing they will stop you. If they know you are using the techniques they will fight you, that’s why the techniques need to become you. The closes must become natural. They need a feeling of confidence. You must be confident about your product.

The closer the close you must be careful of rejection words. Don’t use them: Contract = agreement, price = total investment, down payment = initial installment.

The use of the closing question:

A) Speak clearly, warmly, use glamour words and don’t change voice modulation (they can’t know your trying to close).

B) To keep them listening use the planned pause. When you want to listen you pause.

C) When ever you ask the closing question, SHUT UP! The first one that talks loses. Make yourself do what you fear most and you control the fear.

Think of a bull fight, it’s like making a sale. The matador is alone, like you are when making the sale. A 1000 pound bull is charging, just like your prospect. Ever see the matador charge the bull head on? Can you over power your prospect? The bull fighter uses techniques. His cape, and he leads the bull, you lead the prospect with questions. He lets the Bull Run until he is tired. Let the prospect run with questions. The matador must tire the bull and run a sword through the heart, the area and timing is critical. We give the prospect the final close, knowing when and how to deliver it and you made your sale. The better you are through practice and using techniques. Know where you are going and how to get there as well as how to close. After you get the FINAL YES, they now converted from prospect to CUSTOMER.