Barrier Free Bathrooms Combating Slippery Shower Leaks

Barrier free living is ideal for individuals to obtain as they age or for those who are affected by a handicap or disability that leaves their mobility limited. For individuals who are affected by a decrease in their ability to get around barrier free shower areas can aide in the usefulness of the area and the privacy that it allows. When safety features are built in as they are in barrier free bathrooms safety is t a premium for the independent use by individuals without complete mobility. When you are in need of other help when you do everything within a daily routine it is nice to have a safe haven, especially a bathroom in which you are safe and alone at the same time.

It is crucial to remember that certain flaws come with the territory when creating a barrier free bathroom. One is the risk of leaking within the barrier free shower. The design of a shower without barriers is so that they can facilitate the ease of a wheelchair to transport the user into the shower area. The curb that usually is present in stand up showers is eliminated. The curb is what usually helps to keep the water from flowing out so you can see where the issue with water leaking out of the area arises.

Individuals with restricted ability to move about, although not in a wheelchair, can still benefit from the installation of a barrier free shower area. The benefit arises when individuals do not have to step over a threshold. The threshold presents a hazard all its own. Taking the lip of the shower away eliminates the obstruction and lessens the chance of an accident happening form the individual tripping entering the shower area.

The lack of a curb presents a problem when the individual is ready to get out of the shower. An effective measure will need to be taken to prevent water from collecting on the floor presenting a dangerous situation upon exiting. Many solutions have been thought of to combat the issue of water on the floor, one is sure to fit your need.

Shower Curtains: Minor adjustments to a shower curtain can be used to contain water within the shower area. A dry floor can be maintained by pulling the shower curtain to the inside of the shower stall before turning the water faucet on. This ensures when water drips in from the curtain that it remains within the shower and not all over the floor.

Ramps: A ramp is a great option to conveniently transport a person that uses a wheelchair into and out of the shower area. Once the individual is in the shower the ramp can be raised creating an effective barrier against water ending up on the floor. Ramps are made to be durable, sturdy and skid proof.

Water Dams With A Collapsible Feature: This is a brand new feature available for barrier free showers that allows individuals to use the shower without water ending up on the floor. The dam collapses as the individual enters and exits the shower area but is able to right itself immediately into a position that ensures that water is flowing inward and not out on the floor.

It has been proven time and time again that most accidents involving people within their homes come from falling. Avoiding obstacles and slippery floors is one important piece in the puzzle of keeping our loved ones safe from accidents while living independently. Barrier free living is not easy to come by but when achieved can keep individuals seeking independence while living on their own safe.