Bath Remodel – How to Remodel Your Bathroom For Under $5K

You can get a great bath remodeling project done for under $5K, but it’s important to manage your expectations if this is your goal. Because while a small bathroom can be remodeled for $5k or less, we could take that same bathroom and spend $25k on it. So it’s important to understand that going in.

That’s not to say that you can’t get a fabulous bath remodel for under $5k, because you absolutely can. Let me walk you through the steps to getting this done.

Be Your Own Designer!

With all the free information out there on the internet, the magazines devoted to interior design and specifically to bathroom design, there’s just no need to hire a designer for your bath remodel. This can eliminate a hefty fee all by itself.

Go to the library or to your local Home Depot and borrow, buy or just read through some of the magazines with all the latest ideas for colors, tile, materials and more. You will get a ton of ideas to move you in the right direction. A simple Google search can bring up a ton of videos, websites and articles to help with this as well. Next…

Go Shopping!

A lot of times, building supply stores have great show rooms with everything you need to remodel a bathroom, basement or any other room in your house. So search for them and then go visit. After you have an idea of what you’re looking for from looking through the magazines, you will feel much more confident about walking in to a place like this because you are looking for something specific instead of “just browsing”.

These places will often times require that you have a contractor and that you must go through them to buy your bathroom remodeling material. That’s okay. Right now, you’re just trying to nail down exactly what it is that you want. Worry about buying it later, after you’ve hired someone to do the work.

Another great place to go is to some tile stores. You can find some great material at big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot, but going to specialty stores can be more fun and they usually have professional people who can really help you pick out something great, since tile is their specialty.

Hire a Contractor!

This part can be tricky and the important things to look for in a contractor for you bath remodel is a topic for another article altogether.

However, any contractor that you hire would most likely be thrilled to know that you’ve done your homework, know exactly what you want, where to get it and how you want it to look. This eliminates a lot of the stress from projects like these.

Homeowners can sometimes be indecisive, can change their minds and do all sorts of things to slow down the project or halt it completely while the details get worked out. If you’ve got all this stuff out of the way already, your contractor will be happy, you will be happy and your bath remodel will get done quickly and painlessly.