Bathroom Shower Ideas – How to Spice Up Your Bathroom Shower

All parts or rooms of the house have their own, unique function. But some of them don’t receive the same amount of importance as the others. One of these underappreciated rooms is a bathroom shower. As long as this room is clean and neat, most homeowners don’t make an effort to give it extra styling or decoration. This explains why most bathrooms are plain and boring. So to break this monotony, you might want to give your bathroom (and thus, your bathroom shower) a makeover. From Mediterranean to contemporary style, there are a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Here are some bright bathroom shower ideas to spice up your shower room.

1. Go green.

Everybody’s going green these days. You can jump on the bandwagon by adding some indoor plants, introducing products made from all-natural materials (such as eco-friendly paper towels, soaps, and cleaning materials), and changing your toilet into something that conserves water. Doing this will not only bring in a refreshing ambience to the room, but you will also contribute to the efforts of preserving the environment.

2. Introduce a new color.

Sometimes, simplicity trumps all lavish and elaborate designs. This works especially if the room is not too large. So you might want to focus on the color of the tiles instead. If you’re not sure which color to pick, it pays to ask the opinion of an expert to make sure that all the colors inside the room are properly coordinated.

3. Pick a theme.

An interesting and fun way to spice up your shower room is to introduce a theme. If you’re renovating your son’s bathroom shower, you can perhaps add some elements related to his favorite sport. And if your child is a girl, you can try Barbie dolls, Disney princesses, and other cute characters from fairy tales.

4. Focus on the lighting.

You’d be surprised what proper lighting can do to any room. From decorative to accent lighting, talk to a professional to help you set up a good lighting to enhance the overall look of your shower room.

5. Change your showerhead.

These days, showerheads come in a variety of unique forms. With the advances in technology, some of these heads are LED-temperature sensitive, and they spew off colorful water depending on the temperature. Also, if you’re longing for a truly creative showerhead, satisfy this craving by choosing a rain-type head.

There are a lot of bathroom shower ideas, but whatever you choose, don’t forget the basic function of shower rooms.