Bathroom Sink and Tub

It is style through different shapes and sizes. It is comfort at its peak. It is all about high design and fun. Now you can experiment with your bathroom design making it more upbeat.

You don’t have to go for pieces that burn a hole in your pocket. Simple inexpensive pieces can do the trick as well. And in this case, size does not matter. You can even play with the design of a smaller bathroom. While choosing the accessories, keep in mind that the walls and the tiles should be in sync. Everything goes hand in hand. You can have a good contrast but not two totally opposite colors. Give an entirely different feel to your bathroom with a new textured paint color or textured wallpaper.

A sink is the most imp0ortant accessory of the bathroom. It is now available in lots of different designs and shades that simply spell elegance. Your sink illumines your bathroom fashion sense. If you want to keep it with the times, go for an above-mounted vessel sink. These are available in hundreds of styles. You can get fancy faucets and fashionable towel holders too add that extra touch of style.

Gadgetry has been added to the bathroom of today. Now, focusing on relaxation, multi-jet shower heads have been introduced. It is not just the simple shower now but the one that gives a totally new and rejuvenating experience. Another new introduction is that of therapeutic body showers. Rows of massaging jets are fixed at an angle of ninety degree to provide a whole-of-body experience.

Technology has also been introduced in the toilets. Stylish yet highly functional pieces now throng the market. These include neat and tidy back-to-wall pans and concealed cisterns and specially formulated ceramic glazes.

Though designs evolve but a good trend always borrows from the past with a new attitude. Brushed metals have now replaced plain chrome finishes. They have an understated cool or warm tone. Deep basin has taken over the angular ones. The basic vein remains the same but a touch of contemporary has been added.