Be Creative With Your New Bathroom

When building a new home or remodeling a bathroom, you want your new bathroom to be as modern as possible while still being coordinated with the style and décor of the home. Before you start you should have a floor plan of where you want all the pieces to go. This involves knowing where you will place the tub, sink and toilet because the size of the bathroom will affect the style of each piece.

Measure the bathroom so that you know the size of tub you will need without taking up too much space. Maybe you would like to have a jetted Jacuzzi style corner tub and a shower enclosure. If your bathroom is not large enough for this, you could have a combination bath and shower or opt for a smaller tub, such as a Japanese soaking tub.

There are many different types of fixtures you can have for the bathroom and they do come in a variety of finishes and colors. You can also combine modernistic features with antique features to add real appeal to the bathroom.

The plumbing is the essential element in designing a bathroom. Before you actually start purchasing the bathroom suite, contact the plumber who will be doing the work for you. He/She will tell you the best places for each of the pieces because it is easier to connect them into the main plumbing of the home. This may even give you more options than you first thought.

Think about the type of lighting you will have in this new bathroom. Natural light and soft lighting give a relaxing ambiance, but you also have to look at lighting that is energy efficient. The floor, too, is an important aspect of the bathroom. Most new bathrooms today have ceramic tile flooring that adds to the natural look and feel of the room. Choose colors for the wall that will enhance the room. Lighter shades work well on small areas, while darker colors give the room a more contemporary look. You can use dark colors in a small bathroom and give the room the appearance of being larger when you use mirrors effectively.